DS-MG Series Forklift Drum Grab Clamp
DS-MG Series Forklift Drum Grab Clamp
DS-MG Series Forklift Drum Grab Clamp
DS-MG Series Forklift Drum Grab Clamp
DS-MG Series Forklift Drum Grab Clamp

DS-MG Series Forklift Drum Grab Clamp

Model NO.

DS-MG Series Forklift Drum Grab Clamp

- Dawson Group Ltd. - China Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory

Fork Mounted Automatically!

Easily and quickly lift drums without hydraulic or electric connections. Simply slip onto forks and tighten hand screws. 

Heavy duty steel construction. Lifts, transports and deposits drums without leaving the driving position. 

Firm pressure is automatically applied by action of the loaded drum and will be firmly maintained in the same position until being deposited, it is then automatically released.

ModelDrum TypeCapacity[lbs/per drum]Drum [gallon]fork pockets [inch]Net Weight [bs]
DS-MG10Single Steel Drum1500555½*2121
DS-MG20Double Steel Drum1500557*2½198
DS-MG30Adjustable Single Steel Drum150030 or 555½*2115
DS-MG40Adjustable  Steel/plastic Drum150030 or 557*2¼125
DS-MG45Adjustable Double Steel Drum150030 or 557*2¼194
DS-MG50Adjustable Single Polyl Drum150030 or 555⅜*1½418

Welcome to buy the newest and cheap DAWSON drum clamps from our factory. We're one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers, offering you the wholesale service and the OEM service at a discount. With CE certification, our products made in China in stock are high in quality and low in price. Please be free to get the free sample from us.

Safety lifting

● The lifting clamps are suitable for lifting and transporting of steel plates with a maximum hardness of 37  HrC (345HB,1166 N/mm²).

● The lifting clamps are suitable for usage in normal atmospheric conditions, between -40℃ and +100℃

● Never overload a clamp and prevent the jerking of loads.

● When loading always use the whole jaw depth.

● Never lift more than one plate at the same time.

● Always keep your distance during lifting and descending of a load.

● Prevent situations that anybody is under the load.

● Any welding to the clamp is forbidden, this can influence the hardness and toughness of the clamp.

For further information, please contact usEmail:info@dawson-group.com

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