5000kg x 5m BLACK Ratchet Strap Endless
5000kg x 5m BLACK Ratchet Strap Endless

5000kg x 5m BLACK Ratchet Strap Endless

Model NO.

5000kg x 5m BLACK Ratchet Strap Endless 

- China Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory

Break/Load : 5000Kgs

Width : 50mm

Colour : Black

We are implementing the newest EN 12195/2 norms in production and has formed complete testing methods and quality-guarantee system.

It is the first company who get TUV CE & GS certificate in china in this filed, and also get ISO9001 certificate

Ratchet lashing, Ratchet tie downs, Web Lashing :

Detailed Product Description

1) Material: polyester

2) Manufactured to EN12195-2 AS/NZS4380

3) Type: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm

4) Safety factor: 2:1 

5) Working length: as specified 

6) Color: blue, yellow, orange or as requirement

7) Lashing capacity: 500kg to 10000kg

8) When half min M.B.S. the belt stretch less than 7%.

DG-EN-RSE100001510000kg x 15m Ratchet Strap Endless10000Kgs
DG-EN-RSE100001210000kg x 12m Ratchet Strap Endless10000Kgs
DG-EN-RSE100001010000kg x 10m Ratchet Strap Endless10000Kgs
DG-EN-RSE10000810000kg x 8m Ratchet Strap Endless10000Kgs
DG-EN-RSE8000158000kg x 15m Ratchet Strap Endless8000Kgs
DG-EN-RSE8000128000kg x 12m Ratchet Strap Endless8000Kgs
DG-EN-RSE8000108000kg x 10m Ratchet Strap Endless8000Kgs
DG-EN-RSE5000155000kg x 15m Ratchet Strap Endless5000Kgs
DG-EN-RSE5000125000kg x 12m Ratchet Strap Endless5000Kgs
DG-EN-RSE5000105000kg x 10m Ratchet Strap Endless5000Kgs
DG-EN-BRSE5000105000kg x 10m BLACK Ratchet Strap Endless5000Kgs
DG-EN-RSE500085000kg x 8m Ratchet Strap Endless5000Kgs
DG-EN-RSE500065000kg x 6m Ratchet Strap Endless5000Kgs
DG-EN-BRSE500055000kg x 5m BLACK Ratchet Strap Endless5000Kgs
DG-EN-RSE500045000kg x 4m Ratchet Strap Endless5000Kgs

If you are interest in our products and have any other question, please contact to us, we will do our best to meet you ! E-mail: info@dawson-group.com

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